Meet the Owner| Diana Romero

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Diana Romero is the owner and principal coordinator of At Your Side Planning. Diana graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science, then acquired her Professional Certificate in Meeting and Event Planning through SDSU’s Professional Development Program in 2002. Diana’s background in planning began in non-profit events for Circle K International, a collegiate community service organization, and a youth group in which she held leadership roles for over ten years. Diana has also assisted in non-profit community based organizations including SAY San Diego, Rachel’s House as well as fostering kittens from the city’s animal shelters. Diana simply loves to help! In non-profit, Diana thrived in helping people and discovered her love and passion to help the community. Diana also held a vital role in a team-building committee at San Diego State University and fell naturally into assisting friends and family with weddings and events.

Diana established her own event planning company, Ah! Le Party in 2004. She then changed the name to At Your Side Planning in 2012. At Your Side means just that: Diana and her team are at your side every step of the way. Diana understands that each event is unique in its own way. Diana and her team develop a friendship with their clients so they truly understand individual personalities and style, incorporating that into every aspect of the planning process. Diana also implements her Interior Design education into the event decor and draws her inspiration from her world travels.

Diana’s goal is to bring your vision to life. She will be there to help you with any question you have. Diana promises to be at your side every step of the way. Diana is also a wife (married in 2012 in Hawaii) and a new mommy! In her free time, loves to work out, travel and enjoy the outdoors with her family.

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