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Tango Romance at San Diego Woman’s Club

Tango Romance at San Diego Woman’s Club

Katie and John’s vintage styled wedding was located at the fabulous San Diego Woman’s Club! These two lovebirds’ story started at Tango dancing classes where they shared their passion for tango. Both Katie and John’s family and friends came together to celebrate their big day. The bride arrived in style, stepping out of a 1930s Packard by Hire Old Cars.



The venue transformed with the work of Robbie Allen. The bartender provided chair covers and runners while Classic Party Rentals provided all linens for the tables. Katie added her special touch by creating her own centerpieces and decor. The eloquent centerpieces were created using mercury containers that included an assortment of candles.


Artistic Floral provided the floral pieces, ceremony chuppah and palm trees that inspired the creation of the ballroom. They did a fantastic job!



Dinners by David went above and beyond with their dishes. David, the owner, created a mouth watering selection of vegan cuisine. With David catering all vegan meals Katie and John were able to incorporate their passion for a better environment into their wedding day. The photo booth featured a romantic background illustrated with the moon and stars which was ran by David Zumuya. David is a friend who worked alongside Katie at a non profit a few years back. The photo booth gave the guests the chance to create fun memories to take with them to cherish after Katie and John’s wedding.



The vegan fondant cake from Sweet Cheeks was lovely on top of a vintage rolling cart courtesy of the venue. The cake was creatively designed with a gold flower and teal marbled bottom tier.


The couple got to enjoy their love for tango throughout the entire night. The dance floor was never left empty thanks to the DJ, Allen Walker.We loved all the vintage elements of the day and were honored to be part of such a special occasion.



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We are now At Your Side Planning!

At Your Side Planning is officially our new business name!  We previously were Ah! Le Party and after much consideration, decided to change our business name and branding.  We are SO ecstatic about the new look.  We want to thank Lauren Eschborn for creating our beautiful logo and some marketing pieces. We love the font, the swirl and elegant design. Lauren also created a car magnet for Diana’s vehicle. She is currently working on the brochure for client meetings and a business card. The main reasons we have changed names included creating a brand that better defines our company and creating a name that better reflects what we do.  We are more than parties…we plan all types of events.  Besides weddings, we have planned beautiful social events, fraternity socials and conferences as well as many themed events.  As Ah Le Party, the look was more youthful and a lounge feel. It was not representing what our company had evolved into. Our clientele has also evolved into one that is more of the higher end so we felt creating a brand that represented that was appropriate. We worked on our website with our designer, Jessica Wooding on our website. Countless hours were put in creating just the appropriate style and content for each page.  We are so ecstatic about the transition and the branding is being completed as we move forward. We welcome you to take a stroll through our new website. We would love for you to like our new Facebook page, follow our blog and pin with us on the creative and addicting Pinterest. Creating the new links is starting all over again and we would truly love your support! Thank you very much!

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Why the bride stands on the left side during wedding ceremony

Have you ever wondered why during wedding ceremony, it is customary for the bride to stand on the left and the groom on the right?  I was recently married and thought about the history of this myself. This tradition dates back to the Middle Ages, when women were traded and sold for marriage.  So why does the groom stand on the right side of the altar?  Well, your heart is located on the left so the bride stands “under his (grooms) heart”.  This keeps the groom’s right hand (“fighting arm” or “sword arm”) free to defend his bride should an enemy try to steal her away at the last minute.  If any man or attacker made it past the groomsmen at the altar, the groom would hold his bride with his left hand, while using his sword or weapon with his right hand against any oncoming attackers.  Another explanation for this is that men and women used to be split up when they went to church, with the men sitting on the right side, and women sitting on the left.  Because of this, it made sense for the men to stand on the right side of the altar, and the women on the left.  In modern interpretations, it is said that when a man and woman join hands at the altar, it symbolizes their unity and strength.  It also shows their combined resources they bring to the marriage.  Another idea is that when newlyweds turn and face their friends and family at the end of the ceremony, the bride is standing to the groom’s right, symbolizing her spot as his “right hand” throughout the rest of their lives together. Whether you choose the right side or not, we thought you’d like to learn a few reasons for this tradition!

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El Cortez – lovely historical venue for weddings in San Diego!

One of our favorite venues in San Diego is the gorgeous Don Room at El Cortez. We love coordinating weddings here.  Not only is the venue breathtaking, but the staff is amazing.  From the ladies managing the pre-wedding planning to the bellboy and day of contact, we have always had a spectacular experience at El Cortez. Sitting atop Cortez Hill in beautiful downtown San Diego, El Cortez is one of San Diego’s most historical landmarks, opening Thanksgiving day of 1927. Since opening its doors, the venue has been renovated to once again host some of San Diego’s finest events. Keeping its original Spanish architectural feel, El Cortez has maintained its character through renovations and is as charming as ever. The wood floor at the Don Room is stunning and the detail throughout the ballroom…breathtaking. The El Cortez Don Room has hosted some of history’s most notable guests and celebrities. Including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Bing Crosby, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Frank Lloyd Wright, and many more. We love planning weddings at the Don Room and would love to share some of a recent wedding photos.

Photo Credit – Desire Rohlfs

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All About Wedding Dresses

Have you ever wondered what truly goes into buying your dream wedding dress?  It is much more than just the dress itself which I will talk more about.  I was recently married and experienced the shopping and all the wonderful things that came with the wedding dress first hand!  I want to share more on this topic with current brides because I know not everyone is aware of the extras involved!  According to, the top 10 wedding gowns for fall 2012 are from famous designers: Vera Wang, Angel Sanchez, Carolina Herrera, Hayley Paige, Jenny Packham, Reem Acra, Peter Langer, Ines Di Santo, Manuel Mota for Pronovias, and Marchesa.  And many celebrities have been seen wearing wedding dresses from these select designers.  Kim Kardashian, Ivanka Trump, and Hilary Duff, just to name a few, have worn gowns by Vera Wang.  Molly Sims wore Marchesa’s “Isadora” wedding gown.  Jenna Bush wore a custom Oscar de la Renta wedding gown. And probably the most talked about bride recently was Kate Middleton, who wore a dress designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQeen.
In 2012, the average cost of a wedding dress is between $900-$1,280.  On the low end, a wedding dress can cost a couple hundred dollars for an off the rack synthetic fabric dress, which can typically be found at department stores or chain bridal retailers.  Mid-range dresses can cost from several hundred to a thousand dollars for an off the rack or custom-made dress, that have minimal to medium detailing (beading, lace), and can be found at a chain bridal retailer or bridal boutique.  On the high end, one can expect to pay several thousands of dollars for a custom-made designer dress.  Of course, the more embellishment or detailing on a dress, the more one can expect to pay.  Brides should know that the overall cost of a wedding dress includes much more than just the cost of the gown itself.  There are many “hidden” costs a bride needs to consider when dress shopping.  These extra costs can come from alterations/fittings, a headpiece/veil, jewelry, shoes/gloves/stockings, undergarments, rush charge (if applicable), pressing of the dress, a gown bag and storage of the dress (at the bridal shop), the delivery of the dress (to the venue), and cleaning/preservation/heirlooming of the dress.  These extras can add between several hundred to a thousand dollars more to the cost of the dress.  I was surprised that one alteration shop was quoting me more to alter the dress than the cost of the dress itself.  I did go to another shop highly recommended who charged a few hundred included adding embellishment and a bustle.  A bustle normally is not included on the dress when purchased but it an extra cost added during alterations.  Adding a bustle averages about $70.  I also had the dress pressed at the hotel I was staying at because I had a destination wedding in Hawaii and obviously did not have it pressed here in San Diego!  Pressing the dress ran me $70.  After the wedding, I had to have the dressed cleaned, pressed and preserved!  Brides should ask the bridal shop if any of these costs are included in the cost of the wedding gown, and should get a written contract stating what is included in the cost of the wedding dress, as well as estimated costs of alterations, storage, and delivery of the dress.  Many shops offer packages for brides which group alterations, pressing and cleaning together for the bride.  We know that the wedding dress is one of the most important items for brides and hope this article helps prepare you to keep in mind everything involved with the wedding gown!

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