Love can definitely happen at any age!  My grandmother, Dolores who just celebrated her 80th birthday this month was just married!  She met Alex at her church over 10 years ago.  Dolores, a widow of 14 years lived alone in her modest cottage in Hollister, California.  She kept busy with gardening, cooking, church and volunteering at the local food bank.  Alex, also a widower began to help my grandmother, his good friend around her home a few years ago and that is when love blossomed.  Their friendship grew deeper and they realized how much they cared about one another.  Their wedding ceremony was held at their local church as well as the courthouse.  Dolores wore purple and Alex wore grey.  Close friends were witnesses in the intimate church ceremony which welcome close family and friends.  They plan to have a larger reception celebration later this year and a honeymoon in Hawaii.  They now share a home together in Hollister and enjoy every day with one another!