At Your Side Planning is officially our new business name!  We previously were Ah! Le Party and after much consideration, decided to change our business name and branding.  We are SO ecstatic about the new look.  We want to thank Lauren Eschborn for creating our beautiful logo and some marketing pieces. We love the font, the swirl and elegant design. Lauren also created a car magnet for Diana’s vehicle. She is currently working on the brochure for client meetings and a business card. The main reasons we have changed names included creating a brand that better defines our company and creating a name that better reflects what we do.  We are more than parties…we plan all types of events.  Besides weddings, we have planned beautiful social events, fraternity socials and conferences as well as many themed events.  As Ah Le Party, the look was more youthful and a lounge feel. It was not representing what our company had evolved into. Our clientele has also evolved into one that is more of the higher end so we felt creating a brand that represented that was appropriate. We worked on our website with our designer, Jessica Wooding on our website. Countless hours were put in creating just the appropriate style and content for each page.  We are so ecstatic about the transition and the branding is being completed as we move forward. We welcome you to take a stroll through our new website. We would love for you to like our new Facebook page, follow our blog and pin with us on the creative and addicting Pinterest. Creating the new links is starting all over again and we would truly love your support! Thank you very much!

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