Exceptional Escort Card Ideas

Everything that is set out for your wedding should be a statement of who the couple is along with their unique personalities!  Many of these items take some time to think about and creativity.  I have seen many different ideas when it comes to the escort cards which are small cards or items that list the name of the guest along with the table they are seated at. Escort cards can be all types of shapes, colors, and sizes!  If the traditional tented card is not your style, read my tips for unique and fun alternatives!

First what the actual place cards can be:

The actual card does not have to be a tented card.  The print that identifies the guest name and table can be anything including a designed sticker, tag or card. These printed items can be attached to just about anything. Be creative and work in your place cards with the theme and style of your wedding personality and you will have so much fun doing this!  Here are some of my ideas for the items to place your print on:

Candy!  Lollipops or other candy standing in flower pots or decorative boxes

Sea shells such as sand dollars or starfish for beach themed weddings

Incorporate a 2 in 1 idea where your favors are also your place cards such as practical favors including:

Bottle openers, ice cream scoopers, wine stopper or CDs of your favorite songs.  Your favors can have a customized tag, sticker or card attached to the front nicely and placed on the table for your guests to pick up

Second, how the escort cards can be displayed:

Create a box filled with sand or rice and place the cards (can be any type) standing in the box

Hang them by pinning them on clothes lines (the cards will have to be larger)

Fruit!  One bride had an apple theme and her place cards were apples which had pinned cards

Cork Board

Photo frames without the glass filled with something unique

Bed Trays filled with something unique

Small trees with the card hanging off the branches

Flower pots such as mini succulents with the unique card attached on the front

Place the cards on moss

Third, be creative:

Have each card have a question under the name that leads to the table such as “What City are the Chargers from?”

Names of the tables do not have to be numbers but they can be something that represents the couple!

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