Welcome Bags for Wedding Guests!

Have you thought of ways to welcome your wedding guests who are flying in to town for your wedding?  Have you thought about adding that personalized touch to something for your family and friends to have? One of my favorite things to do is create welcome bags for weddings guests!  These are a personal touch from the couple to their guests and very much appreciated.  I love hearing the reactions from the guests on how they loved their little tequila bottle, the snacks or games!  It is so much fun creating just the right bag with my brides, knowing how her guests are going to love their bags! One thing to keep in mind when creating welcome bags are to keep all items consumable, portable or disposable since many wedding guests will be traveling.  Items should be useful, meaningful and go with the theme of the wedding.  For example, if your wedding is a beach wedding then sunscreen and flip flops are great items to have in the welcome bag!  If your wedding is a vineyard theme, then add a bottle of wine, cheese and crackers.  The “bag” itself can be a paper gift bag, earth friendly or a personalized tote, a basket, box, or cute container!  The Knot has so many personalized bags within all price ranges as well as personalized tissue packs, water bottles and so forth.  The possibilities are endless.  Depending on the size of your “bag” will determine your filler either tissue paper or crushed paper filler.  The most recent gift bags I created were dark brown baskets with hay as filler and they were fabulous!  Food and drinks are always thoughtful items to add into your bag because traveling guests are hungry!  Snacks to consider include granola bars, crackers, trail mix, pretzels, candy, cookies, fruit, bagels, jam, nuts, chips, and homemade desserts.  Some food items you will want to get right before delivery such as the fruit and any bakery items.  Beverages to consider include water, tea, juice, hot chocolate mix and local bottles of wine.  Games are always fun such as Sudoku or crossword puzzles.  Some literature to consider would include magazine, local restaurant menus, local area maps, area attraction brochures, note pads and pens.  Your invitation vendor can help create some nice tags for the bags as well as a personalized touch with customized thank you notes, wedding itinerary, directions, and a list of contacts with phone numbers. You can include mini bottles of alcohol with a shot glass as well as “hangover help” in the form of tiny packs of Tylenol, Tums, aspirin, Alka-Seltzer and packs of Vita-C.  A touch of toiletries can be cute such as face blotting wipes, tissue packs, hand sanitizer, lotion and other necessities.  Other items can include scented candles, a tiny lint brush, breath mints, gum and anything else for wedding guests.  Remember to have fun in assembling them or add it into your package with your wedding coordinator!  Your wedding coordinator can also deliver the baskets for you to the hotels where your guests will be staying.  For more information on wedding coordination, please visit my website at https://atyoursideplanning.com.

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