Henna is becoming more and more popular at Pre-Wedding Celebrations.  We are seeing a new trend and think it’s so much fun!  Mehndi is the art of henna that is a form of skin decoration.  It is practiced in India, Pakistan, Nepal and other countries.  Henna has traditionally been applied during wedding ceremonies and other celebrations for mostly Indian weddings.  A popular trend that is emerging is having a henna artist during bridal showers prior to the wedding day.  I coordinated a wedding in Rosarito Beach (BC Mexico) and the bridal party girls along with the family had a henna artist travel in from LA to provide henna art to everyone who were present at the girls bridal shower!  During this spa day, along with being pampered, the bride provided the artist for henna tattooing.  It was an enjoyable addition to this relaxing day for the bridal party!  Henna originated in ancient Indian sub continent.  Patterns of mehndi are traditionally applied to the bride before the wedding ceremony as well as the groom in certain areas of India.  Henna is a natural and safe process which is applied using a cone or brush.  The area is wrapped so that the body heat is locked in to create a deeper color.  It is normally wrapped for 3-6 hours or overnight.  The henna art lasts 1-3 weeks.  We loved seeing everyone with such beautiful art ready for the wonderful wedding day!

Photos provided by Miguel Pola Photography.

Diana Romero – Owner/Principle Coordinator

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